there is no fear in love :: embracing mama’s journey.

Two years ago, I took the title of this post as literal as I could. With a heart full of these hand dreams, but a canvas before me that didn’t have one of them painted. I learned, through morning mirror talks with my Maker that there is no fear in love. No fear in a life that claims to know Jesus… the trusted promise keeper.

And I find it absolutely no coincidence as mom and I trekked to chemo seven that her first words of conversation on the car were… “I will not fear this.”

Earlier this week I walked in on her during the middle of a phone conversation and I also heard this… “I feel like I’m in a war. On the front lines. In. A. War.” And let’s be real… war is scary.  When I think war, I immediately go to the weekend I binge watched Band of Brothers. I see the trenches and a claiming over every minute and every breath. A time of uneasy. Of incredible uncertainty. And a season of begs for freedom and home and the peace of your own bed. Sometimes it may even feel as if the sky is falling.

But y’all, there’s no escaping it. Life is sometimes hurting and begging and enduring circumstances you think could never happen to you or yours. And y’all… I think it’s in the war that the Lord calls us to embrace the broken and the sky falling and our mangled parts and our twists of chemo lines so that we will simply point to our Mender.

So that I know all over again that as I see mama curled up like a small child in her chemo chair, that it’s there like a small child that He reminds me of His healing power, and his sketching now in the temporary for a lasting eternal.


‘I will not fear this, Anne Clair, even though I dread it… I will not be scared!”


There is no fear even though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed.  There is no fear in His unfailing love because HIS COVENANT OF PEACE WILL NOT BE SHAKEN!!


Father, you know my broken places far better than I know myself. You know the grip to fear, and I AM THANKFUL that the all encompassing depth of your love causes those chains to fall. And for mama, even when she dreads it, continue to put Your Spirit of Peace in her as war is endured and days are long and weary. Draw us into Your presence when fear tries to draw us into the darkness. Lead us into these places grace-full-ly. Forever yours, my King!


there is no fear in love. Because there is no fear in Jesus.




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