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I started painting nestled quietly in the “in-process” renovated home in which I grew up in – to my now one bedroom apartment in small town Mississippi – where I live amongst my students in a Christian school-home environment. Each table offers immeasurable joy as I tap into the Scriptures, song, and the memories of my own life as well those of my clients.  As the Lord fine tunes my life to depict a greater image of Him, my prayer is that my art would reflect such a journey. That my joys, and even more so, my struggles, would step outside the shadows and beam into marvelous light… ultimately, having the pictures and words on paper as a visual to all that He has done. A bringing the ruins to life movement, one might say.

I have doodled much of my life, my high school notebooks give heed to that, but I only started to sit down and decide to sell my paints at the end of September 2015. It has been overwhelming and a place of peace for my sometimes weary, teacher soul. There have been new discoveries I never even knew were in me, and that is the most terrific part of this all. It never crossed my mind in the trenches of my twenties as I creeped into my thirties that painting was even an option for me. I had only touched watercolors in the third grade when my teacher felt brave! But all the same, as the Lord tends to my heart, He is letting me tend to the paper. And it is proving to be a beyond beautiful partnership!


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